Open Door Performance
Webinar & Training Solutions

At Open Door Performance we offer webinar &  training courses that focus on developing workplaces and drive wellbeing. We harness an evidence-based approach that offers key insights and strategies to support individuals and organisations


The Leadership Wellbeing Programme

Raising the standards of wellbeing at work and providing context on the positive impact leaders can have on wellbeing. This practical course will dive into useful wellbeing frameworks and provide the tools and techniques to confidently drive wellbeing within organisations

  • Understanding how to promote wellbeing as a leader
  • Providing a framework to support wellbeing
  • Managing your own pressures more effectively
  • Accessing support, tools and approaches

Enhancing Employee Wellbeing

Empowering employees with practical tools and guidance to support their mental health in the workplace and helping colleagues and peers in the process

  • Provide an understanding mental health conditions and appropriate steps to support colleagues
  • Providing a safe space to discuss mental health & wellbeing within the workplace
  • Understanding the impact of stress and burnout and how to prevent them
  • To raise understanding of coping methods to support self and others
  • Provide tools and support to drive mental health and wellbeing at work

Stress & Burnout

Bringing awareness to stress and burnout. Understanding the symptoms and proactively addressing this. 

  • Understanding the science behind stress and burnout 
  • How to actively manage high periods of stress and pressure 
  • Practical strategies to manage stress and burnout
  • Accessing support, tools and approaches

Training Courses

Mental Health Awareness for Managers & Leaders

Providing Managers and Leaders will the understanding of Mental Health conditions and developing the tools and resources to create a culture of psychological safety, wellbeing and high performance

  • An understanding of mental health and coping with adversity. 
  • Tapping into the myths and how to move forward
  • Making sense of the legal requirements to supporting mental health at work
  • Understanding stress and burnout in mental health and the impact on productivity and performance and linking this to the science
  • Understanding different conditions and what action to take to support this
  •  How to spot signs and symptoms of worsening mental health.
  • Insight into self-care and management of own wellbeing as a Leader.

Resilience Training

Designed to support all staff to foster personal resilience and driving a resilient culture.

Our resilience training can be tailored to leadership or employees

  • A comprehensive understanding of what resilience is and the importance to personal and professional behaviour
  • Understanding the biology of stress and burnout – how to spot and prevent
  • Practical skills to cultivates resilience

Leadership Development

Providing new leaders the learnings and support to achieve greater business results and employee engagement. Tapping into motivations and responsibilities of a new leader as well as key tactics to get the most of their teams with confidence.

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a leadership role and the impact to those you manage
  • Building psychologically safe teams
  • Understanding self as a leader
  • Developing key coaching skill to get the best out of those you manage
  • Understanding motivational skill working with different personality types
  • How to lead through change and the neuroscience behind this

Emotional Intelligence Training

This programme is designed for Leaders to understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence, learn key competencies and apply this to their working practices

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • The science behind EI and the link to stress & wellbeing
  • Developing skills to enhance EI for Leaders
  • Create action plans to support the workplace and their teams
We can create bespoke training or workshop solutions that can be delivered in person or virtually.