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Developing wellbeing, coaching and training solutions for your organisations to create thriving workplaces

Services We Offer

Providing support on wellbeing initiatives and designing and rolling out wellbeing strategies

Providing a range of coaching services including, wellbeing coaching, Executive Coaching  Leadership Development & Career Coaching

Offering a range of webinar and training programmes that create a happy, healthy and productive work culture

Why work with us

Open Door Performance uses our expertise in human psychology, coaching and wellbeing to empower individuals and organisations with the tools to have meaningful conversations, action plan, and harness useful skills to continually develop.

Our goal is to foster wellbeing on an individual and collective level not only helping individuals grow but ensure organisations flourish.

We create bespoke programs for organisations of all sizes to drive the employee experience in a positive way.

Poor employee wellbeing costs UK employees up to 45 billion each year. A 16% rise since 2016, costing an extra 6 billion a year.

Deloitte 2020

Put your focus into wellbeing to make a difference.